Saskatoon, Canada

“Hi Beth,

I am sitting here amazed at the system that I received from you! I experienced the clear light of the heart today during the heart centre expanding and realigning.  I have never experienced anything like that before! I have an experience with my son and also an energy worker that I would like to share.

My son today tripped and flew headlong into the door in the bathroom.  I picked him up and saw the bump starting to rise.  I quickly placed my hands on it and drew the emergency symbol and placed my hands over his head while masterminding it.  I felt the surge and moved to my heart.  Five minutes later as the energy subsided, I removed my hands and to my surprise there was no bump!  Just a tiny bit of redness!

Also, I was working with one of my reiki students for an entity release. I started with the Ama Deus symbol for earthbound spirits and my hands were immediately drawn to her chest and went cold.  The energy would get stronger then subside… and then moved to several areas in the body… and I continued the treatment distantly as the entity kept moving. After about 5 minutes I saw a light open up far above me.  A tingle went over my crown and I received a definite energy of gratitude.  About ten seconds later my friend said the entity was gone.  She saw the entity leave and it was pulled off of her.  She was surprised as she said it seemed to have woven itself into the fabric of her being.  It was much gentler than anything else she had tried.”

Thank you from M.K., Saskatoon