New Orleans, USA

“When Dr. Cosmos asked me to participate in a twenty-one day remote group healing I knew that I had been blessed from that moment on. At the time, I was trying to heal from a toe amputation eight months prior. The toe had been giving me a problem because of my diabetes. The very first day of remote healing I felt tingling. I did not feel the tingling around my foot because I have nerve damage from neuropathy. By the third day, the tingling was concentrated in and around the wound where my toe had been amputated. Each day my health improved. One day I woke to find, for the first time, a thin layer of opaque new skin forming over what used to be a seeping wound. A couple more days passed and I was able to take a bath and soak my foot with no fear of infection! I was so pleased, so happy to be set free from constant worry of infection – but the ultimate truth about this teaching is this: today I do not need to use any chemicals to control my diabetes. I am chemical free and feeling better than I have over the last fifteen years. I know this came about because of the kind and loving people who surround Dr. Cosmos and this gift of Ama-Deus that she carries from the rainforest.”

Rev. Douglas Beverly-Neyman, New Orleans