Dublin, Ireland

“There is a history of cancer on my father’s side of the family, his mother and three of his sisters passed on from the disease, so when my Aunt Bernadette, one of his two surviving sisters, was diagnosed with malignant melanoma last year it threw the family into a deep level of despair. Since my father’s family had lost so many to the disease, it seemed inevitable to them that the same fate awaited their sister.

It was around this time that I contacted Elizabeth Cosmos to ask that Bernadette be included on the Ama Deus Sunday Healing Group. When Bernadette heard that a group of strangers in different parts of the world were giving up their own time to send healing to a person they knew nothing about, she was incredibly moved and extremely grateful.

After the healing sessions began, her attitude improved greatly, rather than allowing herself to sink into despair and resign herself to the seeming inevitable, she gained a new confidence and optimism. She became convinced that she would survive this, and she would make frequent comments about my “lovely friends” who were sending her healing and how grateful and lucky she was to have such support and that she knew everything was going be ok.

Even though the odds seemed stacked against her, it came as no surprise to me or to her that after her surgery and a number of follow up appointments later, her doctors pronounced her cancer free.  My aunt credits the spiritual support and love offered to her by those participating in the Ama Deus Healing Group both for her healing and for the courage she found to carry her through her dark night. So to all of you who participate in the Ama Deus Healing Group, to you all a big GO RAIBH MÍLE MAITH AGAT (a thousand thank you’s), and keep doing what you are doing. And to those of you who have yet to participate in the Healing Group, please do! It makes a real difference and can change or even save lives.”

Beannachtai (Blessings)

Jeremy O’Reilly – Ireland