International Association of Ama-Deus®

The goal of this organization is to maintain both the integrity of the Ama-Deus® method of healing by providing a certification process for practitioners and instructors and to uphold a set of international standards of practice by establishing and maintaining an international code of ethics for all Ama-Deus practitioners.

The purpose of this organization is to provide quality assurance of the competency of those persons practicing and teaching Ama-Deus spiritual energy healing.

The mission of the International Association of Ama-Deus,® LLC is to spread Love.

Ama-Deus Membership

Annual fee of $10.00

The International Association of Ama-Deus®, LLC, is an educational corporation established in March 2006 with the goal and purpose of spreading Love and Light through the practice, teaching, and research of Ama-Deus. All membership fees are used for the maintenance of the organization and website. We invite you to become a member of the International Association of Ama-Deus to assist us in furthering this mission.

Membership Benefits include:

Free website listings for Certified Ama-Deus Practitioners, Teachers, Instructors who are members-in-good-standing and support international development.


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• The directory lists Certified Ama-Deus® practitioners and instructors, support groups, and affiliate countries. All have given their permission to be listed.

• While the International Association of Ama-Deus® insures that the Ama Deus practitioners listed on this site are certified and in good standing, we do not monitor individual practices and therefore cannot endorse individuals or businesses. International Association of Ama-Deus® assumes no liability for information, goods, or services listed in this directory.

• The International Association of Ama-Deus® does not investigate or verify the additional credentials of practitioners listed.

• Ama Deus practitioners are expected to work within their legal scope of practice and in accordance with the International Association of Ama-Deus® Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. A copy of the Standards of practice and Code of Ethics is included in this application. You have the right to expect the highest level of integrity and behavior from those providers listed.



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