Hong Kong, China

“Two months ago my friend told me that there would be an energy healing class named Ama Deus to be held in Hong Kong. I was told it was very powerful. As I am a healer, healing people almost every day, I was very excited and immediately paid the deposit indicating my intention to join the class.

However, I subsequently found out that the course fee was very low, so low that I began to think that it might be something very normal, nothing special. The class was held on the 25th and 26th of October, 2014. I attended the class without much expectation due to the reason stated above.

After the initiation ceremony, we were given the chance of actual practice of Ama Deus on our partners. At that moment, I was still confused if it could really work. My partner was a lady. She told me that she had a toothache in the right side of her mouth. It was very painful for several days. I followed the protocol, did the spiritual routine and then put my left hand facing her face. I concentrated in the healing with the intention to rid her from the pain. The practice lasted for about three minutes, and we were told to stop.

I asked my partner how she felt. I was not sure if the healing could bring any change to her pain in the face. I was very surprised and excited when she told me that it was much better, though the pain was still there, she was well relieved. My confidence immediately got boosted to a very high level, so was the faith.

I was given an assignment at the end of the day to go home and use the distant healing technique to heal my partner. I did as instructed, this time with faith and full confidence. The healing lasted for about five minutes. I also took the opportunity to heal two of my clients whom I was healing during this period, also five minutes each.

The next day when I asked my partner how she felt, she told me that the pain was completely gone. I was overjoyed when hearing the feedback. I then contacted my two other subjects, and the feedback was positive. Ama Deus, Ama Deus, you are wonderful, powerful and amazing.

I have been practicing on energy healing for almost fifteen years, using different kinds of healing energies, such as traditional Chinese Chi Gong, Quantum Touch, Pranic Healing, Access Consciousness, etc. and I find Ama Deus simple to learn, easy to practice and powerful in result.

I love Ama Deus, and will continue using Ama Deus in the healing of my subjects. Of course, I will add in other modalities whenever necessary.”

Raymond Chan, Hong Kong