California, USA

“Integrity is the word I think of when I think of master healer, Beth Cosmos, author of Ama Deus Healing with the Sacred Energy of the Universe and the designated lineage holder for the extraordinary work that she teaches. As a clairvoyant, I have personally witnessed the pure golden light that Beth brings in to powerfully affect and heal the Human Energy Structures of her clients. Her technique and connection to her own direction is inspiring.

Ama Deus, taught to her by the late Alberto Aguas as he learned it some thirty-five years ago from the Guarani of the Brazilian rainforest, is a unique healing modality that is compatible with the work that I teach, CoreIndividuation™, as well as many other subtle and material body work schools. Ama Deus augments and supports all interventions such as surgery, various physical therapies, emotional release and psychotherapeutic work. These pure Source energies soothe and restore the body, mind and spirit. The fact that Dr. Cosmos has been on the front lines working for over 30 years makes her an experienced and gifted teacher, but it is her commitment to the ethics of healing that blows the doors down and supports real and deep healing in her students and clients. I heartily endorse Beth Cosmos and Ama Deus and encourage you to learn the benefits that this level of transformational presence can bring to you and our human family for this time of great change in the history of humanity.”

Desda Zuckerman, California