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Level One

The first level offers initiation into the Ama-Deus® method of healing and the learning of nine sacred symbols.

Some of the main objectives are to be able to describe the history of Ama-Deus and energy healing, be able to explain the process for accessing subtle energy for healing purposes, describe how energy is used in absent or distance healing and to describe six specific uses of Ama Deus.

Level Two

The second level offers more information on the history of the Guaraní Indians, Alberto Águas and the use of seventeen additional sacred symbols. Many of the sacred symbols are for soul-level healing for the self as well as others.

This level is geared to the sincere and dedicated practitioners who find themselves in resonance with this system of healing.

Level Three


The purpose of healing is to be a Light in the Universe, you have chosen at this time to be a part of the Earth history, are you all that you can be?

Course Description:
This five-six hour course moves into energetic ethics, energetic hygiene, and how to stay balanced and healthy while working on others. There will be discussions on the purpose of healing for the self and working on others. Along with meditation, and hands on participation, there will be further clarification in the sacred symbols. Four new sacred symbols will be introduced.

Prerequisite: Ama-Deus Level I & 2

Ama-Deus Instructor’s Level Healing Class

Requirements for submitting an application are:

  • A minimum of three years of experience with level I and II of Ama-Deus®

  • An account in writing that describes your personal healing journey, your relationship with Ama-Deus and your desire to teach.

Please submit applications to the International Association of Ama-Deus® LLC. – For a copy of the Application, click here.

Children and Animals

A children’s class, which is a shortened version of the first level, is also offered. It features initiation and the teaching of four to six symbols in accordance to the awareness of the group. Children under 18 need the permission of their parents.

In the Second Level Course there is a sacred symbol specifically for working with animals. There is no special ‘way’ or ‘course’ but simply the desire to aid an animal.

Special needs students & adults are also considered. Any individual who has a strong desire to learn may request the teachings.