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amadeusbook1Ama-Deus Book Summary

Ama-Deus® is a gift written to honor the memory of the author’s teacher, the Guarani and her personal healing journey long the way.

Twenty years ago renowned healer Alberto Aguas went into the Brazilian jungle to study with an indigenous tribe known as the Guarani, who entrusted Alberto to bring a sacred knowledge to the world; a knowledge that they had been protecting for centuries. Alberto made it his life mission to travel the world to teach the energy healing system that he called Ama-Deus (“to love God”).

Ama-Deus is the story of how I met Alberto while he was ailing, and how I came to carry on his mission after his death, to teach, to preserve, and spread the message of Ama-Deus to the world.


This is an exploration of the spirit and the universe through Ama-Deus that enables life to heal and be healed – it invites the mind to breathe deeply from the heart and dare to touch the soul.

It is a story that was sung in pre-history and still sings today.


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I am glad I found this book and read it. I recommend it to any interested in healing and practitioners of Ama-Deus. It’s a beautiful story about Love and what is important in life.

Steliana Niculescu

Beth has shared what few other books do…been there, done that in Ama-Deus healing. Some will want her to provide the strategies & methods but these are best learned at a live training so she leaves this part out. Hard to put down as it’s compelling to hear how powerful this ancient healing approach is.

John Iams

This is one of my favorite books. After reading it I ordered 3 copies, kept one for myself as I originally ordered on my Kindle, and sent the other books to two friends. They also were in awe.

C. Hutchinson

Validates that SPIRIT works through many peoples in wondrous ways. Focus on spiritual traditions of the indigenous tribes seen on the film THE MISSION.

Patricia R Robinson

DON’T MISS THIS BOOK! In her book, Ama-Deus, author Elizabeth Cosmos writes convincingly of her own fascinating evolution into the art of ancient healing. Driven by the successes of her mentor, third-generation Brazilian healer Alberto Águas, she set about unveiling the secrets behind an ancient healing modality that Águas had discovered among the local Guaranì tribal shamans deep within the Amazon Basin. A gifted healer from childhood, Águas discovered the ancient healing philosophies of the Guaranì, and his own natural abilities exploded. They were sparked by the “God Source”–an all-powerful single centralized consciousness fueled by love.

Águas’ life was an amazing journey of love, hope, and faith. Through her book, Cosmos unveils the power of that God source. During his extraordinary time on earth, Águas’ lived with the indigenous people of the rainforest for extended periods, learning the healing truths of history. Sadly, he was persecuted, arrested, jailed, and tortured by the Brazilian authorities for protesting the eviction of the Guaranì from their native lands by the very people who planned on exploiting them. Although his persecution severely affected his health and well-being, he continued to teach the healing method he called Ama-Deus, “the love of God,” on his travels throughout the world.

Once Cosmos decided to write her book, she took on the responsibility of continuing Águas’ work, conveying the essence of his healing techniques in a richly woven tapestry of illumination. Doing so was not always easy. The author describes how much skepticism she met while attempting to interject Águas’ energy-healing techniques into mainstream medicine. Yet even the most ambivalent of western doctors couldn’t explain her success–but did ask her to continue her work!

Although primarily a narrative of her journey in Águas’ footsteps, the book is ripe with vignettes from her own observations–a look at the lives and histories of the ancient shamans, the evolution of Ama-Deus itself, and the social and historical backgrounds of the people among whom she lived and worked. Healers throughout history have won or lost their “touch” for the influence of a single spiritual element: Love. Those who have found it experience the power of healing from within. Those who haven’t are destined to continue on their journeys of discovery. Cosmos found it.

In the end, was it worth all the effort she endured? Without a doubt. “Cataclysmic life events,” she writes, “brought me to my knees and opened my eyes to a journey of healing, and I find myself reflecting on how rich my life has been since that day in the old farmhouse, that not-so-long-ago day that I committed to seek a peace-filled life.”

As a student of Ama-Deus and the mystical healing powers of the Ancients, I found this book a fascinating read, as well as an embarkation point for anyone wanting to learn more about this healing life belief. If you have ever mused over the subjects of energy healing, and Ama-Deus, wait no longer. This book as written just for you.

Western Fan

As a healer fortunate enough to have had the great honor of learning this incredible healing system from Alberto personally, I am overjoyed that Beth’s work is finally completed and available to all. Thank you Beth for all the years of dedication to spreading Alberto’s teachings World Wide and the Love you have expressed so well in this book! Alberto’s life was an amazing journey of Compassion and Love for all of Humanity. Thanks to you, the World is now privileged to have a personal glimpse of his extraordinary work and journey with the Guarani. I highly recommend this book for not only those dedicated to healing, but all who compassionately desire a better understanding of the importance that Shamanic traditions have played in Humanity’s history since ancient times.

Gerald R Fritcher

As An Ama-Deus Practitioner, I am thrilled to read about the history of this technique. I’m a history buff as well, so I really enjoyed the thoroughly researched information about the Guarani Indians.

Karen J. Brand

Ama-Deus means “to love God.” As Beth tells her story of how she came to know Alberto Aguas, the Guarani people and their sacred healing method, Love emanates from the written page. Rich with detail, this book is a ‘must read’ for all students and practitioners of energy healing, whatever modality they may practice. Kudos!

Stephen Schmidt

I had this training and this is a great book to have in my library, healing can happen from within us all!

Aguas, an extraordinary Brazilian healer who taught a powerful healing method he developed that incorporated the indigenous wisdom of the Guaranì shamans of the Amazonian rainforest. Aguas was a natural healer since childhood, but was profoundly influenced by the ancient traditions of the Guaranì that had a joyful and direct connection to the God source simply through love.

Aguas lived with them in the rainforest for extended periods, and was jailed and tortured by the Brazilian authorities for protesting the eviction of the Guaranì from their land so it could be exploited. Although this severely impacted his health, he continued to teach the healing method he called Ama-Deus, the love of God, around the world.

Beth Cosmos assumed the responsibility of carrying on Alberto’s work, and this book conveys the spirit of it, if not the details. Alberto felt strongly that it should be passed on through person-to-person transmission. Beth goes on to describe “infiltrating” this form of energy healing into mainstream hospitals, and the often ambivalent responses of the doctors who didn’t want to know what she was doing, but asked her to keep on doing it.

The narrative is punctuated with interesting fictional vignettes of the life of the ancient shamans, that add color and a deeper understanding of the background from which Ama-Deus was birthed.

Miriam Knight “New Consciousness Review”

Anyone who practices Ama Deus or who plans to will want to learn to read this book. An energy healers spends a life time developing and nurturing their relationship with the energies that they are connected to. This book is a must read for anyone who practices Ama Deus. It will deepen their understandings of its origins and the people who brought it to us. As a result it will deepen their relationship with the energy. I felt profound love and respect for the story and the people in it as I read this book. As an Ama Deus practitioner I feel an even deeper connection with the energy which has actually had a powerful impact on my clients and myself. I have noticed a difference since I reading this book. Everything is energy. This book is energy and I could feel all the love that was poured into it. It flowed over into me. Can’t get too much love!


This book revealed a wonderful rich history behind a powerful and mystical healing system known as Ama Deus. Finally the story is told in a story tapestry of respect and gratitude for sacred energies. Well done!!


Elizabeth has done an absolutely brilliant job at bringing it all to life for us…each sacred piece of it. Anyone who has looked and searched for healing knows that the search always comes back to one word: Love. We look for it in others, we look for it in ourselves, we look for it in God. Simply put Ama~Deus IS Love. Ever since I connected with this beautiful healing energy in 2006, I have been enveloped in Love. And yet, Beth has provided us all with such rich and delicious details that I have fallen IN love all over again; with the Guarani, their way of life, with Alberto and Beth, and LOVE itself. I haven’t landed yet. Beth has given each of us and the world a beautiful gift and in the unwrapping we will never be the same again.

Lois Anne Smith at The Cottage

I have been working in energy healing for many years and have witnessed marvelous results. Ama-Deus takes this practice to a whole new level. The intention of the native rain forest Indians drives the effectiveness of their healing practice. Their every breath is lodged in the spiritual nature of life on this planet. Beth Cosmos delivers a touching and deeply effective account of her experience with the healer Alberto and the life he led to bring this heal art to the Western world. This is a must read for anyone with healing intention.


Beth’s book is astounding. It combines the fiction story, which doesn’t seem like fiction to me, and the realism of studying with Alberto and Beth’s own discoveries on her journey. I can’t put the book down. I have taken the Ama-Deus course several years ago and so many things make more sense now knowing the background of Beth, Alberto and the Guarani Indians. It is a powerful healing technique and I encourage everyone to seek out the website to learn how to take the course. The book weaves beautifully the story part with the bringing of Ama-Deus to the West, by living in Spirit. I am more thoughtfully moving in my daily life with Spirit and Nature in the forefront. It’s so easy for us to be pulled outward, and the focus to learn from the Guarani is to remain inward with Nature as the Source of all that is. Thank you Beth!

S.E. Schneider

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