The Adventures of Energy Annie – Learning Respect

The Adventures of Energy Annie – Learning Respect
Learning Respect

In this exciting new series, our very own local artist, Kate Henriott-Jauw has done it again with beautiful illustrations. In Annie’s next adventure, book two, she learns more about energy healing from her family and shares with her friends the important lesson of respect. This second book carries forward illustrations capturing guardian angels and energy anatomy, opening the awareness that we are more than our physical bodies.

“The Adventures of Energy Annie Learning Respect,” teaches a child about the metaphysical connection of all things in a way that anyone can understand. Another important read from Elizabeth Cosmos beautifully illustrated by K. Henriott for you and your youngsters to share!

Dave Markowitz, Medical Intuitive, Bestselling Author

“Learning Respect” is the second in the series from “The Adventures of Energy Annie.” Both parents and children alike will enjoy this down-to-earth tale of how a group of children, who are friends, learn about respect.

Dr. Caron Goode, Author, Founder for “Academy for Coaching Parents International”