AMA-DEUS is an energy healing method. This method, like any technique that is used to access the Universal Source, is a spiritual practice of using energy for healing. As we begin to recognize that “we are more than what we perceive,” this understanding takes us to a new perspective of “soul.”  There is more to us than is seen by the physical eye. There is no separation of the material world and the world of spirit. It is only our perspective that creates the illusion of this separation. If we change the perspective a whole new world emerges.

Ama-Deus healing method is healing from a whole or soul perspective. Ama-Deus is a spiritual practice accessing a stream of consciousness that is Love. Ama-Deus or Love is a tool that works to enhance our growth and awareness for one’s self, as well as others.

There are many methods and techniques opening to support humankind around the world, and all are accessing the One True Source, the Source of All that Is. Each technique or method from different parts of the world is defined by the customs and cultural patterns of that area, and Ama-Deus has its own cultural roots deep in the Amazon, from thousands of years ago. Healing methods are also defined by intention – Ama-Deus is Love. Love, as sacred healing wisdom is an ancient, forever knowledge that has been kept alive through an oral tradition that was sung in pre-history, and still sings today.


The history and background of this sacred wisdom called Ama-Deus has cultural roots deep in Amazon – kept sacred through thousands of years by means of an oral tradition. The oral tradition also spoke of this time in earth history of a specific person coming to carry the wisdom forth to all earth people. Sacred stones had been buried for over two thousand years and were uncovered and given to one that they recognized. This was Alberto Aguas who dedicated over eight years of his life to preserving this sacred wisdom of the Guarani.

guarani-indiansThe Guarani, who live in the heart of the Amazon in South America, are one of the oldest living cultures in existence. For centuries, the system of energy healing now called Ama-Deus® has been a part of their culture.

The Guaraní belief that there is no “illness.” In their view, everything is spirit, and outside forces cause imbalance. If the outside force or unwanted energy is removed, then balance can be restored.


alberto-aguasIn the recent past, the Guaraní passed this healing energy on to a Brazilian man, initiating him in their ancient ceremony and teaching him the sacred symbols that activate connection to the Source of energy. This man, Alberto Águas, was already a well-known healer who traveled the world sharing his unique gift of healing.

Águas was a noted third-generation Brazilian healer. His mother was a healer, and his grandfather a physician who also worked with energy healing methods. For most of his life, Águas worked as a healer and was known around the world for his lectures, healing services, and healing seminars. After several years of studies with the Guaraní, he dedicated his life to sharing and teaching this healing energy he called Ama-Deus, which is Latin for “to Love God.” The Guarani recognized him “as the one that was coming” but more so, a man of love and integrity, and a great channeler of energy. With the approval of the Guaraní, Águas began teaching their sacred way of using healing energy in a classroom setting for the last eight years of his life until his passing in 1992. It was his mission to bring to the world the loving technique of the Guaraní.


Elizabeth Cosmos, author, teacher and practitioner has been involved in spiritual healing for more than 30 years. She was responsible for the founding and development of a comprehensive, hospital-based integrated medicine program for alternative therapies at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI, and she is also the founder of the International Association of Ama-Deus, LLC. Her work has been featured in such international publications as National Geographic.

Beth worked three years in the study of Ama-Deus, of which the last seven months was intensive training with Alberto Aguas before his passing. This sacred wisdom Ama-Deus is being carried forward directly as was transmitted to her from Alberto.

Beth is an ordained Minister in the Science of Mind Church for Spiritual Healing, and earned her doctorate degree in Energy Medicine at Holos University Graduate Seminary. She is the author of Ama-Deus Healing with the Sacred Energies of the Universe. Beth resides in Grand Rapids, MI and travels globally teaching and sharing the Ama-Deus® Healing Method.

In 2005 Elizabeth is seated next to the cacique, the chief of a Guarani village, with her son and Niara, another shaman from a neighboring tribe.

In 2005 Elizabeth is seated next to the cacique, the chief of a Guarani village, with her son and Niara, another shaman from a neighboring tribe.